Celebrating Christmas

AS children growing up in Geneva, Switzerland, my sister Jamelah and I always celebrated Christmas, as our parents allowed us to get a Christmas tree and buy each other presents. It was a secular and commercial celebration of the birth of Christ, because as Muslims we were not supposed to be marking such an event. But surrounded as we were by friends at school and the culture at wide that both celebrated Christmas, our parents felt it unwise to deprive us of the fun part of the holiday.
Our Christmas celebrations stopped when I was around 12, my mother telling us that we were both old enough now to understand why Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas.
I still have a small Christmas tree at home and celebrate the day with my friends and relatives.
The whole controversy in the US over some major retailers telling their employees that they can’t greet shoppers “Merry Christmas”, but instead are instructed to say “Happy Holidays”, is political correctness gone mad!
Christmas Related Cuteness: I just saw the cute Christmas card above on the Net and wanted to share it with my readers. If you’d like to order some from the trendy US website Kate’s Paperie click here.

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  • dodong

    United States is about democracy but that is bringing backlash not only to Muslims and Christians alike but to all who believed in God. The word GOD has been removed from government textbooks and buildings. Who knows when we might be able to say, “In God, we trust”. Oh, I won’t be surprised at all if the US dollar will not have that reference anymore one day.

    Merry Christmas has been substituted with Happy Holidays. This is really bullshit!

    Whether I am offending anybody with Merry Christmas, I don’t care less. I just want to say it without fear or reservation. Otherwise what is democracy after all.

    Merry Christmas to all of you who care!

  • Rizalist

    The exit scenario you mentioned in INQ7 via E.T. is really a fairy tale for adults. Young adults. Why spread it around? Even Abat was an Almonte-FVR move. Wasn’t that obvious?

  • Rasheed's World

    Well Rizalist, you’re definately off topic here. And no, the exit scenario thingy was not obviously an Almonte-FVR move, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
    I interviewed Almonte when he was the head of the National Security Council, and I can say that he seemed like one seriously mean spook to me!

  • Chas Ravndal

    oooh cute kitty

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