Five Years After 9/11

I HAVEN’T had time for a while to write a new post, so here’s something from my archives: I wrote this two weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, and it appeared in my Manila Moods column:

Shocked By the Truth

I THINK MANY Saudis have been shocked to learn that some of the hijackers involved in Tuesday’s attacks were allegedly Saudi themselves. As more information is pieced together, it seems clear that many Saudi youth were led astray and brainwashed into thinking they were doing something great for Islam by slamming those jets into the WTC towers and the Pentagon.

Most Muslims would agree with me that what they did was not right, and that merciless fanatics recruited these emotionally vulnerable youth and set about brainwashing them. With no careers or families of their own, these Saudis seemed to have nothing to lose and apparently were “ripe for the picking” as the saying goes.

High unemployment among Saudi youth and the lure of religious extremism make them perfect targets to be enlisted in Bin Laden’s war against the West. All Saudis must now reflect on what happened and try to find answers to the question: Why did happen? If we don’t try to find quick solutions to this problem, Saudis will unfortunately be typecast as the terrorists of the 21st century. Do we really want that stigma?

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  • Somah

    “Saudis will unfortunately be typecast as the terrorists of the 21st century. Do we really want that stigma?”

    That’s true for those who don’t know any Saudis!

    It’s imperative for progressive and liberal Saudis to be proud of their heritage and own it because that’s the only way we’ll help dispel the misconceptions with which the Western public is inundated through media outlets.

    When I meet new people and tell them I’m from Saudi Arabia, at first they’re surprised, then they’re intrigued and in the end they’re amazed of how similar we all are!

    Similarities help dispel fear and mistrust, both of which are often guided by ignorance.

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