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Help an Artist in Need

I FIRST met Stephanie Palallos last year in Manila when Jessica Zafra brought her along to our meeting. I was immediately impressed by this dynamo of energy who had just returned from studying art in Barcelona, Spain, and was dying to go back and continue creating art.

I next met her this year, again with Jessica, when we all went to watch the taping of Bubble Gang in a studio near the South Super Highway in Makati. This time she told me that she had been accepted at the Chelsea School of Art in London, England, to do a post-graduate diploma in fine arts. The problem was that she lacked enough money to pay the tuition, and scholarships for Filipinos to study the arts in Europe are practically non-existent.

To overcome this rather large problem, Steph embarked on a Paper Crane Project to raise money for her studies. Already several people have contributed to her fund, including some strangers. Steph says she has been touched by this kindness of strangers, but is becoming increasingly worried as she is still far away from having collected enough money to start her studies in January 2007.

To see some of her work visit her website by clicking here. To read about her fundraising project, click here.

I’ve included photos of two of her scultptures above and below. I hope you like her art as much as I do, and that you will help this young Filipino artist make her dream come true!