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Hot Filipino Men (And Women)

THE famous casual Philippine clothing line Bench, which has shops all over the Philippines, had its annual underwear fashion show at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City last Friday night. As usual, many celebrities were among the professional models showing off Ben Chan’s latest line, including actor Richard Gomez and his wife Lucy Torres.

Jessica Zafra
has a hilarious account of it on her blog. She calls the Bench fashion show a Bakla Biennale in which she said the heavily gay male audience patiently waited through the female bits of the show only to drool over the many hunky men walking around in skimpy briefs.

+Photos courtesy of Agence France Presse and EPA.

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  • Arabiana Banana

    Ok Bench is really popular , I only found out a couple of days ago that it was 100% Filpino. Bench- Ben Chan — get it? love their scents and colognes.

    2 things that still amaze me :
    1. How naked bodies sell clothes..
    2. Gays in the philippines and why we love them.

    Rasheed love your world.. it almost exactly like mine 🙂

  • Karvonen

    There is no question about it, Filipinos are a very beautiful race. Maybe also the fact that their economy tends to be depressed, some of her beautiful women are shamelessly used in human trafficing. If this is the case, we can say that the beauty can be a curse.

  • Shebyworld

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  • Zebigleb

    Nice blog

  • EmailHosting.com

    I wish I could have been there!

  • Butch Queen

    well i mean the men are fine…lol

  • Peter Matthes

    Naked bodies sell anything. Sex sells baby … sex sells.

    I vote for more sexy half naked women.

    Gay men already spend lots of money on clothes. That is a tapped (excuse the pun) market. Straight men might spend more if you gave us a reason to.

  • will_kill

    hey. i just come across your blog.it is nice to know that you like Filipino in general. I am a Filipino, by the way.
    Bench is a famous clotheline here in my country. i must say it is really good since I am one of their patron. Thanks for taking time to make a post about the Bench Body. please add me up if u can.

  • rickemmanuel

    If you saw these almost naked bodies, wouldn’t you be screaming like a fag, too? Bravo to Bench as he knows that sex does sell!

  • Farooha

    One of my best friends growing up was half Filipino.(Mom filipina, Baba Saoodi). Anyway, the ONE thing I’d repeatedly ask her to get me when they went for their summer holidays was a whole pile of stuff from Bench.

    It was seriously my favorite brand. Now that she doesn’t live in Riyadh anymore, we’re not as close and let me tell you one of the things I miss the most is my yearly Bench dose, of course among other things like TFC and ohhhhh my baby “Patrick” (the actor, yum yum):P

    God bless em all, I tell you, ALL of them!

  • Jeannie

    I am half filipina (Manila) but my family moved to America when i was 1 year old. I love to see blogs about what goes on in the Philippines. I hope to visit my mother’s side of the family there, someday. Thanks for the post! Love to see more!

  • shieldwolf

    am i being too late to post my comment here? it doesn’t matter anyway… let’s see, you love Filipino stuffs… you surprised me for that and i guess you deserve my appreciation. well, i’m a filipino… bench ohhh i love bench… im even wearing my bench sneakers right now, bought it a year ago, still my favorite.

  • Anonymous

    So many seem to have commented that sex sells. sex? because of the underwear? its bench body fashion show. Bench Body is an underwear line of Bench. Since it is an underwear, models wore underwear. How do you advertise underwear by wearing a gown or a coat?

  • Mens Underwear

    Very nice blog…and excellent photos…

  • Male Underwear

    That guy is looking very sexy….

  • Anonymous

    im a filipino n i im so proud of this clothline…. hawt models <3 :]

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