I cried at Usher’s performance for MJ

I, like millions of people across the globe, watched the sad and moving tribute to Michael Jackson yesterday live on television as it was broadcast from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
Many of the speeches I found vaguely annoying. It felt like some people were just trying to cash in on MJ’s popularity, especially Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown, who nevertheless had the decency to admit that the Jackson Five had a tumultuous relationship with the record label that swung between “love” and “money”.
I liked Lionel Richie’s song and Brook Shields’ heartfelt tribute to MJ. But it was Usher’s tearful rendition of “Gone Too Soon” that had me choking back my tears. He sang beautifully and it was touching that Usher walked down to sing next to MJ’s casket.
My partner Marvin texted me from the Philippines and said he too was watching the MJ memorial on TV. I replied that I had cried at Usher’s performance, and he replied “me too.”