In Graz, Austria with the PNE Choir

Im in Graz, Austria, with the Prime Note Ensemble of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The 30-member choir is competing in the World Choir Games that are held every two years.

The qualifying round was held on Wednesday, July 16. Eight male choirs competed against each other. The PNE outsang entries from Russia, Austria, Hungary, and Germany, placing first with 25.04 or Gold V. A Russian group came in second with 22.76 points or Gold III.

The five judges were from Austria, China, Israel, Russia and Malta.

Although there are no Saudis in PNE, the group competes as coming from the kingdom since all of its members are based there.

Today is the final round. It starts at 11 a.m. A group from Croatia is the toughest competitor, having already pre-qualified.

PNE’s conductor is Novem Cabios and the president is Medard Obida.