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Is Metrosexuality Dead?

DO you remember when English football player David Beckham was the poster child for being metrosexual? All those articles and pictures of him being manly yet wearing diamonds and taking care of his skin? I do.

So it was of Beckham that I thought of today when I ran across an interesting article on ABC News.com that claims that metrosexual is out and macho is in.
According to Stephen Perrine, editor in chief of men’s magazine Best Life, the turning point was when Steve Carell had his chest waxed in last year’s movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”.

I did watch that movie and thought it quite boring, crass and juvenile.
What was more interesting in the article though, was a global study on masculinity done by Leo Burnett, the Chicago advertising firm, which found that half of men say their role in society is unclear and that they felt “less dominant” than in previous decades.

“I think guys are still in touch with their feminine side but not wearing it on their sleeves,” said Perrine. “The new manliness is about being competent and of value…the metrosexual is the guy you call about waxing his eyebrows. The macho guy is the one you call to kill the spider.”

Now I understand what Perrine is trying to say, but can’t we have our eyebrows plucked and also be strong at the same time? It’s not entirely impossible.
The symbols of this newfound masculinity, according to the article, are Brad Pitt (yuck!), Russell Crowe (you must be kidding!), Hugh Jackman (okay) and Heath Ledger (yes!).

“Macho doesn’t mean he’s uncaring,” Perrine said. “It just means he cares less about his looks.”

Well, I think there must be a balance in these things, just as in everything else in life. Over-primped men, who stare into every single mirror they pass, are a pain in the behind, while those men who don’t give a damn about their appearance, wearing torn and dirty clothing, are a nightmare to look at.

All I can say now is look at these delicious male Brazilian hunks who graced floats in Sao Paulo’s Gay Pride parade last week, which is now the biggest gay event in the world. The photos are courtesy of Made in Brazil. Enjoy!

Comments (5)

  • Peter Karvonen

    The society such as Saudi Arabia is as macho as macho can be. Right?

  • Rasheed's World

    Not really….there are many gay men here and much gay sex!

  • Erica

    From a woman’s point of view, I like men to have the characteristics of both. Why can’t a man be macho AND care about his looks. Of course, if a man is too macho then I don’t pay him any notice.

  • ellen

    Rasheed, I like Brad Pitt.

  • shasha

    look at Superman; he is saving the world (as macho as can be) but still manages to look gorgeous as ever. strike a balance guys!

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