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Miss Philippines Looks Wonderful!

I happened to come across an announcement about the upcoming Miss World 2005 beauty pageant today (which will be held yet again in China) and I must say that the candidate for the Philippines this year is extraordinary! Just look at Carlene Aguilar’s beautiful smile, lovely eyes and cheekbones that go on for miles and miles. For once, the Philippines will have a chance to win the contest on Dec. 10.
Check out their website.
Unfortunately for Venezuela, their candidate this year, Berliz Susan Carrizo Escandela, looks like a drag queen. As does Miss India, Sindhura Gadde. Have a look:

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  • Dotsson

    Welcome to the blogging world Rasheed!!!
    I had a look at the website, you’re right Miss. Philippines does have a pretty good chance… did you see her legs? They are never ending…

    Drag queens, what were the judges thinking????

  • moks


    You have descerning eyes! Galing mo kumilatis. I never thought they look like drag queens until you suggested it. Natawa ako.hehehe.

    Just checking your blog. Nabasa ko sa Inq7 sa kolum mo.


  • EZ Boy

    Welcome to the blogging world…and your first topic got me interested enough to take a look, hehehe. I read your column whenever I get the chance to read the inquirer. These days however, I’m reading the Inquirer less and less because I just feel bad about what’s happening back home.

    Anyway, more power to you and keep on writing.

  • Anonymous

    Miss Philippines aka Miss International 2005 is way prettier than miss India. How come ms kashmiri wasn’t there? It’s a shame really 😛

  • Anonymous

    i am staying in Thailand and ilang years na, na mas maganda yong winner ng miss tiffany (gay) nila kesa sa representative nila for miss world or miss universe.

    ganda ng pinay syempre, i hope she wins

  • Edu

    Dear Rasheed,
    It’s been a long, long time since we met last. Am still in Jeddah. Will be home for Christmas. Hope you are in Manila during the holidays so we can possibly meet.

    On the Miss World 2005 chances of RP’s bet, I do agree with you. But please don’t forget that Julia Morley seems to be against Pinay winning the coveted crown. Remember Evangeline Pascual?

    Carlene has all what it takes to be the winner in this year’s edition of the pageant. India’s candidate is pretty, too, but she lacks the “X” factor, something is lacking in her personality, not to mention the fact that her big nose is unproportionate to the size of her face. Miss Venezuela, on the other hand, looks like a newly refurbished car from a workshop. Everything in her is fake !

    Here’s my mobile : 0502343728.

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