My Abu Dhabi apartment

My Abu Dhabi apartment
I’VE been settling into my new Abu Dhabi apartment over the past week. I bought a new refrigerator and washer/dryer combo machine from Carrefour a few days ago. They were both delivered on Thursday, but the washing machine was only installed today. I haven’t washed anything yet, but will try so tonight.

I went to ID Design in the Al-Wahda Mall yesterday and bought a nice black, wooden bed frame and a round, black wood dining table with four cream colored leather chairs to go with it. They are going to deliver them tomorrow. I also got a great carpet to go with my new furnishings.

The bad news is that my movers emailed me today and said that I won’t be receiving my furniture shipment from Jeddah until after Eid because the Saudi border with the UAE is already closed for the Haj vacation! Can you imagine? Unfortunately, it sounds all too familiar. A journalist colleague of mine encountered the same attitude last Ramadan when she asked to meet with some government officials around 10 days before that Eid in Makkah. “Sorry, we can only meet you after Eid, we’re already on vacation…..”

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  • Lilliy

    I have been enjoying reading your blog on my google reader and been following it for a while now.. but I have to say I am a little intimidated to post comments on your blog because you are a journalist.. I am used to posting on personal non-journalist blogs.. 🙂 but just wanted to say.. hope your settling in well and good luck on your new job..

  • Virginia

    the apartment really looks great… I am planning to move to Abu Dhabi next month, which apartment is this / area if you don’t mind sharing?

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