Photo of the Day: Books for sale in Riyadh

Photo of the Day: Books for sale in RiyadhI TOOK this picture at the Xplora store at Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport on Wednesday afternoon as I was waiting to get on a flight to Jeddah,

The book on the left is about the dangers of Karl Marx to all religions, while the book on the right is about Adolf Hitler.
An employee of the store told me that all Xplora stores are allegedly built in the shape of a swastika! “It’s because the owners are German, though it’s different from Hitler’s version,” he told me.

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  • Anonymous

    and what is the problem did mr hitler and the nazis
    have killed arabs? who have killed millions arabs
    the nazis or the french english american bastards.

  • lufarah

    i took a very similar picture at the airport in Amman…

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