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President Arroyo visits Brazil

President Arroyo visits Brazil
PHILIPPINE President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is arriving tonight in Recife, Brazil, for a four-day state visit to Brazil, the first ever by a sitting Philippine president.

I interviewed the charming Philippine Ambassador to Brazil Teresita Barsana for an article that I wrote about Arroyo’s visit that appeared in Arab News today. Click here to read it.
The embassy is on a row of diplomatic missions in the northern section of Brasilia. There were Galinhas de Angola walking around the grounds, a bust of Philippine hero Jose Rizal, and of course the Philippine flag flying against the crisp blue sky of Brasilia.

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  • Electx

    hi mr. rasheed. just a suggestion: it would be greater if you have pictures of the events that you're blogging about, such as the meeting of the heads of state of the Philippines and Brazil, your interview with the Philippine ambassador to Brazil, etc. I think the more pictures the better to spruce up the site and the article. if you already have pictures of these events, i would be very happy to take a look at them. my e-mail address is electx.co@gmail.com if you need to get in touch.

    thanks for writing about these things. keep up the good work.

  • Rasheed's World

    Thanks for your comments. I did post a picture of Arroyo meeting Lula in Brasilia. I didn't use a picture of Ambassador Barsana as a picture of her was used with my story that I wrote for Arab News.

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