16 Sep, Monday
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Que Beleza Brasil!

Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos high-five each other.


Roberto Carlos squashes a Ghana player!

The 3-0 win yesterday of Brazil over Ghana was exciting to watch, although Brazil was playing a little too relaxed and it must be admitted that Ghana put up a good fight.

Ronaldo, though he looks like a little dough boy now because of all of those extra kilos, came through this match, scoring the first goal which made him the player to have scored the most goals ever in the World Cup.

Everyone in the office was rooting for Ghana, since they we were the underdogs, but I jokingly threatened all of them with bodily harm if they kept making fun of the Brazilian team.

I loved the look of utter frustration on the faces of the Ghana players each time they tried to score a goal and missed the target.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel the Brazilians will be able to overcome the toughened Germans or the mighty English unless they buckle up and start running around faster on the field.

As for those defeated Saudis, the only thing I have to say about them is that I cannot believe that we spend millions of riyals every year on footballers in this country and still we can’t even make it to the quarter-finals. What a shame and waste of money!

+All photos courtesy of AFP via Yahoo’s World Cup site, except for Roberto Carlos exercising which is courtesy of Made in Brazil.


Brazilian fans go wild in Germany.


The yummy thighs of Roberto Carlos. Heaven to behold!

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  • BionicBuddha

    I have some trouble watching football…it seems terrible that the entire fortune of a nation can change so significantly by on questionable call, when the match has been so close for 90 minutes…


  • peace_echoes

    This is not the entry I wanted to respond to, but I couldn’t get the others to let me in.

    I am very impressed with your blog. This is what I hope to have, but I lack the know-how to perform even the simplest tasks for my blog.

    I found your “Hissy Fits” entry ver interesting. I’m a writer, and I’m sure you know we can be a temperamental bunch.

    I hope you will check out my blogs:
    faithechoes and echoes_series, both on blogspot. (I’m not obsessed with Echoes, but that’s the title of one of my novels and the first book in the Echoes Series.)

    Again, I am very impressed. I’ll be sure to sign up for your updates.


  • The Architect

    Was it 3-1 or 3-0 or we where watching a different game.

  • Anonymous

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    or just click the “add image” button when you are composing your post, and let blogger host the picture


  • Peter Karvonen

    Waist of money, you say! Heck, you got it, money that is, and you are playing in the World Cup, while my stinking piece of frozen tundra has had that experience…let me see now…oh, yeah – NEVER!

  • deepsat

    I think it was a good match! Ghana did give a fight over Brazil. It was more of a clash between agression and tactics! and Brazil proved whats better :-))

  • Adam

    Looks like you have problems with your image bandwidth. Host with Flickr or simply with Blogger.
    Congrats on making it on Blogs Of Note.

  • davidcw61

    I never watch soccer, but I had heard about the match between Italy and the USA so I caught the latter half. Might have made a soccer-watching fan out of me.

  • Rasheed's World

    peace echoes: Thank you for your kind words.

    the architect: yes we were watching the same game! It was 3-0, and not 3-1 as I originally typed in. I’ve corrected it now.

    anonymous and adam: Yes, I’ve exceeded my bandwith that’s for sure! I just upgraded my photo hosting service, so the images should be back later today. I don’t use Blogger or Flikr as the Internet hub in Saudi Arabia blocks their images, so I’ve had to find a way around that.

  • Seabrook Crisps

    c’mon England!

  • Anonymous

    I was disappointed.I thought Ghana could win.

  • Erica

    I’m with Seabrook Crisps… C’mon England!

  • Vancouver Daily Photo

    The World Cup is everywhere. I am not a football fan but find myself asking who won the game.
    Love your blog and enjoy the photos.

  • Alexandre

    Really nice pictures.
    Unfortunetly I’m the only one in
    Europe who don’t like soccer :o(

  • Yasser

    Actually Ghana has amazing talent…but it lacks a good top scorer

  • Anonymous

    Hi! It is only for saying that Brazil is good but Portugal is better! The World Cup is not yet finished! Portugal 4ever!

  • Jeff_Mills

    Soccer is a waste of farmland and farmhands.

  • Ayman

    Looks like things are blazin here!

  • bushfire

    England-Germany final! brazil, Italy, Argentina and the rest are pretenders. If you wanna know why I think so, check out my spot!

  • fidelism

    Ronaldo could be as fat as the Mashmellow man, but he is still the most lethal striker today.

    Also, I don’t profess to be a mind reader, but if I were the Brazil team, I wouldn’t be looking to play my best football just yet.

    Good Job Rasheed

  • Emanuelle

    See you soon in my blog.

  • G. Petrovic

    Cool Blog

  • Rod Biscoe


    Did you see the size of that guy’s thighs?

    I think he might have tumors or something.

    Best Regards,
    Rod Biscoe

    P.S. Rod Biscoe’s Blogspot “It’s Delicious.”

  • Francesco

    While I’ll be hoping for Italy, I have a feeling it will be Brazil and Germany. So far, the quarter-finals have been very exciting!

  • Paulo de Tarso Neves Junior

    Não foi dessa vez, Rasheed. Nosso técnico é muito teimoso. Merecemos perder da França. Só nos resta torcer para Portugal, eles sim têm um técnico (brasileiro) inteligente.

  • burningflame

    well as an american I obviously know nothing about soccer, (except for the fact that soccer players are hotter than any other sport guys.)

  • Pensador

    well, we meet again in 2010!

  • al-jabr

    hey rasheed, nice blog! what are your views on pac-man, is he a good hero for the filipino people?
    keep up the good postins.
    (a filipino-american dude)

  • al-jabr

    sorry for vague nicknames…by pac-man i mean Pacquiao, the boxer! ( :

  • yvette

    you have a great site.lots of interesting things to read

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