Reactions to Subic Rape Case

READERS of my Subic rape case piece had various reactions.
Consuelo Fernando wrote: “I couldn’t agree with you more….That supposed ‘college graduate’, coming from a ‘prominent family’, what was she doing in that sleazy place and riding with US servicemen in the first place? She was asking for it, that’s the bottom line….I am a woman too and I don’t sympathize with her at all, because I believe if one is a decent woman, one wouldn’t even be hanging around with strangers. Sorry to say, she deserves it if ever it is true…”
Eva disagreed with me calling the alleged rape victim sleazy: “I don’t like you calling the girl sleazy! As a Filipina woman I know how Pinays are submissive and soft in dealing with Western men. They can’t show the slighest hint of liking a man as he will assume that it’s ‘ok’. Western women can always say NO without …hurting or embarrassing the man, but with Pinays they still think of the other party so as not to hurt their feelings!”
Finally, JadePearl1112 wrote to say she agreed with me: “A decent woman wouldn’t go to a bar, much less hook up with 6 men who were drinking. The devil and the bottle will do things to the brain in that situation….Was she in cahoots with the arresting officers for money? She wasn’t forced into the van, right?….To those narrow-minded idiots who want to stop the VFA over this incident, you are doing the Philippines…a great disservice. Fighting terrorism has nothing to do with this incident blown out of proportion by the idiotic media who want sensationalism.”
What do you guys think?