23 Oct, Saturday
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Saudi blogger Fouad al-Farhan released!

I WAS so happy to receive a message this morning on Facebook from the Free Fouad group saying that the Saudi blogger Fouad al-Farhan has been released from detention and is at home in Jeddah with his wife and children.

I called Ahmed al-Omran (aka Saudi Jeans), who is currently in Jeddah attending a conference, and he confirmed that he also received a text message from Fouad’s wife this morning announcing his release.

Fouad was arrested in Jeddah on Dec. 10, 2007, and was held in a detention center for for more than four months because of the various entries on his blog that called for less corruption and more accountability in Saudi Arabia.

Will he continue blogging now that he has been released? That is a question that only Fouad can answer. I’m sure we will find out soon enough. For now, Fouad probably just wants to forget his ordeal and bond with is family.

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  • Anonymous

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