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Students With $7,000 Watches

For those of you who wonder how we journalists manage to live on our not very ample salaries, you will be glad to know that we often moonlight as part-time teachers. In my case, I teach English to super-rich Saudi students at a local college in Jeddah.
I say super-rich as I just noticed that two students taking their weekly quiz with me this week were both wearing Chanel’s J20 white enamel watch with diamonds. Just like the one seen here at the right.
Here’s Chanel own hyperbolic description of its first foray into the world of sports watches: “A stream of diamonds on high tech ceramic! The perfect appeal and brightness of white diamonds, the elegance and refinement of black diamonds. The contrast of over 110 brilliants (1 carat) subtly enhances the unique sheen of the case and the strap made of high tech ceramic: An avant-garde material, scratchproof, intensely and deeply black.”
What the heck are black diamonds?! Well my students had the white version. And guess how much it costs? A cool $7,000 according to one American website selling them. So you see, when I say mega-rich, I mean it!
I was thinking of buying myself one, but even with my teaching income, I know for sure I could never afford one.

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  • dodong

    It is funny to read your comment on megarich. This is not a disrespect. But I am also a Filipino here in the US. I cringed when I bought my sport citizen watch for $150. But I found it blissful to buy my wife a $8,000 rolex watch during our anniversary. And she wears it everyday at her office. Thanks to be in America, nobody would even notice it. I think it is just a different point of view when you put an amount to the things you see.

  • london girl

    well, the student obviously did not find anything else to buy with his money, after all a diamond watch is soul enriching and inspires a sense of fulfillment! But not to judge others quickly maybe it was a fake, who knows!

  • Trevelyana

    I’m sure you can buy one after you cash in your good intentions at the local bank.. oh wait, that currency isn’t accepted in Saudi.
    perhaps a teacher’s revolution shall spark an increase in salaries?

    Who needs a watch anyway!

  • zack

    diamond watch… soul enriching? inspiring a sense of fulfillment? i just don’t get it. probably why life’s a bliss for me.

  • Dotsson

    Well knowing you Rash, I’m sure if you’ll probably end up buying the watch if you really really really want it. Personally, even if I had the money, I would never wear something so expensive. It would make me super paranoid and I just wouldn’t feel comfortable… why not spend it on something more useful like a new laptop or a small trip abroad?

  • Rasheed's World

    Soul enriching?! Excuse me, but I thought that abstarct things like love and loyalty were supposed to be soul enriching, not $7,000 watches. And no, I know my students….I don’t think they’re fakes!

  • Faiza Ambah

    Rasheed, Alf Congratulations on your new blog. I’m so proud of you. Where do you find the time, in between a full-time job, free-lance work, and teaching English to “super-rich” Saudi students?
    Great layout and color etc. but one very important thing is missing. A photo of YOU!


  • dodong

    Rasheed, you’re absolutely right. They are not fakes, not with Saudis. I have seen their likes when they came to Beverly Hills and bought mansions like cars. Also true is love to be soul enriching. It was love and sense of fulfillment which usually drive parents to spoil their kids with expensive gifts, even in a false sense of being wanted. My wife likes to spoil her nieces and nephews for their attention. I am very frugal in my own spending but I spoil my wife for her unfailing care and devotion.

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