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The fabulous Maximo Oliveros

I WAS finally able to watch The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros on DVD this past weekend, and I was delighted by it.

Directed by independent filmmaker Auraeus Solito, who made the movie on digital video, it tells the charming story of gay teenager Maximo torn between his love for a hunky cop that has recently moved into the neighborhood and the love for his family members, who are all small time criminals.

Starring the talented Nathan Lopez as Maximo and JR Valentin as the hunky cop, this 2005 film won various awards from Berlin Film Festival to the Gawad Urian Awards. The director was born in Manila in 1968 but is originally from Palawan.

Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros proves that low-budget, independent films can be just as satisfying, if not more so, than larger and more commercial productions from big studios such as Viva Films, Star Cinema and Regal Films. I now want to see Solito’s next two films he made after Maximo: Tuli and Pisay.

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  • SuFian Laurence Lee

    i thing Joao GabrieL who played Francesco in the movie was a very exceLLent acting,he actuaLLy deserves an “OSCAR” nominations in his acting ” but it’s a gay themed and incestous so never mind coz OSCARS are for conservatives” the laughing all times at the movie is good,he olayed a sweet and loving brother whos easy to Loved and his smiLing face is perfect for the roLe,his smiling face captures not only the heart of his brother but aLso the audience………and about Thomas who’s played by Rafael,i agree with you he was kinda shaLLow in his acting,he din’t execute the feeLing of a younger brother who idoLized and loved his older brother…….again this is my opinion and i respect your opinion……..thanks

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