Update on Subic Rape Case

I just read the reports today in Philippine newspapers saying that the Subic rape victim approached Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez saying she wanted to recant the rape portion of her sworn statement, and downgrade it to remembering only having been kissed by the six Marines.
A Pinoy colleague of mine quipped that the Americans must have paid her off, just as they may have the driver of the van, who now also has an altered memory of what actually happened that night.
Gonzalez said he refused to change her statement, telling her to go and swear a new statement in front of Olongapo City officials. Justice officials are now warning that she could be charged with perjury if she recants her earlier statement.
What will her lead lawyer Katrina Legarda advise her to do? Stay tuned for further developments.

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  • dodong

    Que oror!
    This is so demeaning to all Filipinas. Virginity is for sale!
    Another way of saying, “Name your price”.

  • Rizalist

    It’s politically correct but cruelly inhuman to say what dodong said. What does he want? She has already been gang-raped. Does he want her to have been gangraped AND be the subject of an international scandal that “is so demeaning to Filipinos” for the next few years of her life too? I think the best that could be hoped for is that those six men be dishonorably discharged by the US Military so that they will bear a brand for life, perhaps not as cruel as the alleged rape victim, but surely as permanent. Harsher penalties through an administrative appeal might also be made to the Americans, EVEN IF the alleged victim recants, because their crime aside from alleged rape is to have endangered the real mission of the Americans here, which is not to rape our women, but to train together with Filipino troops for a common defense.
    If Dodong really thinks this is demeaning to all Filipinos why doesn’t he lead a pack of Gabrielas to lynch the six servicemen and avenge our honor?

  • dodong

    I am against lynching the six servicemen but I wanted them to stand justice in Philippine soil as allowed by VFA and receive appropriate penalty for rape. American military justice giving them discharge from the service is farce and hollow. We have a lot of women workers abroad searching for better opportunity. If we cannot make a case here in our own soil, there is just no hope for those who are sexually abused abroad. It is sad to read from newspapers those who jump to their deaths after sexually abused. And it is not giving any relief either if you are rape in your own soil.

  • dodong

    The best solution for rizalist is to abandon our rights to the Americans. These American boys to be discharged from the service is like slap to the wrist. They can go back to private life, be gainfully employed and enjoy the years ahead without any thoughts of having committed a terrible crime. I am sure they gonna love to hang out with Filipinos like Rizalist.

  • Anonymous


  • enraged

    so what else is new! the moralists, the ten million machos ( men AND women), the first-to-cast-the-stones, the holier-than-thou mob all point their messy fingers and loud messy mouths ……to/ at the woman who cried rape…..people always blame the victim…….. and all the suspects? the men? they rarely get one line of caution from the most unkind people. hmmmmmm. patriarchy is hundreds of years old and it will certainly take parallel hundreds of years to change these kinds of bad, unthinkable attitudes.

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