Visiting the Vet Is Expensive in Saudi

Noggy from the front after his haircut


VETERINARY care for domestic pets in Saudi Arabia is very expensive, and costs much more than medical care for humans. A medical consultation for a person can cost as little as SR20 ($5.30) at some clinics.

Many Saudis have cats as pets, but a huge number of them unfortunately throw them out into the streets after their kids grow bored with them, or because they suddenly realize that they are allergic to their fur or can’t stand them clawing their furniture.

Consequently, Jeddah’s streets are full of abandoned aristocratic-looking cats, many having long, beautiful hair. All too often they end up as ghastly road-kill, their poor little bodies splayed on the tarmac after being run over by careless drivers. Saudis obviously don’t believe in spaying their cats, and we don’t have an animal welfare society.

One vet who has tried to do something about this ghastly situation is Debbie Zahid, a dynamic Frenchwoman married to a Saudi. At one point she was offering free spaying for stray cats at her Tahlia International Veterinary Clinic.

I took my dog Nog-Nog to her clinic last Sunday for his anti-rabies vaccination, and jabs against canine distemper and “leptospira canicola”. I also had his hair cut and shampooed. Total bill: A whooping SR720, or $192!

The breakdown of the bill is as follows:
1. Anti-rabies vaccine: SR100
2. Canine distemper/leptospira: SR200
3. Long hair Cut – Canine: SR200
4. Bath – Canine 0-5 kgs: SR100
5. 2 Rompun 2% 50ml: SR20
6. Stomorgyl PA/30 tab: SR100

Noggy’s vaccination stamp and the outside of the booklet

The Rompun was to sedate Nog-Nog while they cut his hair. Nog-Nog had extremely long, fine, soft hair that meant it matted extremely easily once it reached a certain length. When that happens, the best thing to do is cut it all off, instead of battling with tangles.

I think his vet, Dr. Sasha, a friendly Serbian, gave Nog-Nog too much Rompun as he was groggy for hours after the haircut, and looked extremely “kawawa”.

The Stomorgyl tablets are antibiotics for my dog’s smelly mouth. I’m supposed give him eight tablets a day for 4 days before he gets his teeth cleaned by Dr. Zahid for another SR300 ($80).
I can’t complain about the treatment Noggy received, it just so expensive. How much does it cost to treat your pets? Let me know in the comments section.

Noggy with his Lion haircut!

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  • mlq3

    shampoo and a haircut is about 600 pesos. About 1,500 for the vaccinations.

  • Dotsson

    Stop complaining Rashy! He is your dog, your baby. Com’n man, how would you feel if noggy started counting how many times he barks at you in a day? 😛

  • Anonymous

    Any helpful tips on how to train a 2 year old dog (breed : Terrier).

    Thanks a lot!

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