World Cup Burn Out?

Thierry Henry carries the French flag after winning on Wednesday night. (AP)

I JUST watched the France vs. Portugal semi-final match of the World Cup and kept yawning to stay awake! It was such a boring game, and France only won because of the luck of getting a penalty shot by Zidane, who was never going to miss it.

Portugal played well and tried hard to score several times. I guess it was just plain bad luck.

After Brazil and England were knocked out of the World Cup, it hasn’t been the same for me. Wayne Rooney got that unfair red card for arguing with the referee, and Brazil’s players were so sluggish in their quarter-final game against France that they actually deserved to lose.

Now we have France vs. Italy to look forward to in the final on Sunday. Who do you support? Will it be France or Italy? Let me know!

+Did any of you Jeddah residents notice the huge NCB billboard on the right side of Madinah Road when you’re driving south-bound? I just noticed it today. It carries the score of the latest World Cup match and has real, cloth flags of the respective two teams. Neat, no?

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  • hedbeats

    I’m for France. It will be one heck of a Bastille Day if these guys take the cup. Plus it creates a nice rhythm: Brazil in ’94, France in ’98, Brazil in ’02…France in ’06.

  • Adam

    It looks like a lot of matches this World cup were won by pure luck – like the Australia – Italy match, the Germany – Italy match and then this. That’s football I guess.

  • TechnoBlogger

    I think Italy has a good shot. They certainly played a good game against Germany!

    World Cup Soccer inspires some wild partying!

  • pip

    hey yeah that game was awful, come and visit my disscussion blog and comment on my posts http://www.mutualminds.blogspot.com

  • Amanda

    It was nice to watch Ronaldo crying though, considering he got Roony sent off. France v Italy final should be good, I’m thinking Italy to win.

    Nice blogg!

  • Jordan

    Italy of course!

  • Chet

    France has been strong, no? I didn’t see Italy play much. Vive La France.

  • Peter Matthes

    Italy vs. France in a soccer match is like the United States vs. Switzerland in a war.

    It amazing that France made it this far.

  • DoctorBoogaloo

    I’m picking France but it seems like a real toss-up.

    The Rooney incident was unfortunate. But given his temperament and reputation — the Portugese played him like a fiddle — a red card was not totally unexpected. (They irritated the hell out of him… and for Wayne, Ronaldo sticking his nose in was the last straw.) And the crap that went unpunished just seconds before was disgraceful. Had I been Wayne Rooney, I might well have acted in the same way.


  • bygpowis

    you can’t blame the italians for playing an effective tactical match. they’re where the rest want to be. sunday in berlin. i stopped watching the seria a years ago. i’m reminded why. 2-1. 1-0. no wonder americans can’t stand the game. 11 players stacking one half of the field and counter with a lone runner. i hope henry shreds their back line. he looked sick at the end of the semis. forza franca. thierry’s the most dangerous player on the planet. i need 90 minutes of that old gunner form. he’s the most feared club baller in europe. supremely dangereaux… viva, viva, viva le blue!

  • Drew

    My bet’s on Italy… at least I hope they win.

  • Dude with Attitude

    France is has to be. Nice mention of a rhythm by hedbeats. anyways i would like u guys to see my blog. am new to this and would like some comments and inspirations to go on. http://eighthcolor.blogspot.com. come fall in love

  • Sara M. Silva

    I’m portuguese and we (tuga people :P) are very proud about our country…
    I know..Portugal 0-1 France…lol
    But I’m not angry with that because we played well and I love french people (et la France aussi bien sûr…) =) Simão Sabrosa et Thierry Henry sont le meilleurs!!!

  • Edward

    I like Italy and they won.

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