09 Dec, Thursday
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Boo-hoo!: Sean Puffy Combs complains that gas prices are too high

THE American singer Sean Puffy Combs complains about the high cost of gasoline in this video diary entry on YouTube. According to him he can no longer afford to fly his private jet from New York to Los Angeles twice a month, as he’s been doing to pursue an acting career in Hollywood.

Puffy says that a roundtrip costs him $200,000 and that he allegedly cannot afford that. In the video he appeals to his “Saudi sisters and brothers” to send him some free oil so that he can fly in his private jet once again.

I don’t think that he’s going to get a shipment of jet fuel anytime soon as the Saudis have shown again and again how hard-nosed they can be when it comes to oil prices. A super-rich entertainer such as Puffy might get invited to perform at the private bash of a Saudi royal, but he sure isn’t going to get free oil, he can bet on that!