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Brazil says ‘pee in your bath’ to save water!

I WAS in Saudi Arabia last May when a NGO called SOS Mata Atlantica launched a TV ad campaign in Brazil encouraging people to pee while they take a shower to save water. Yes, you read that right, pee in the shower!

So it was only recently when I saw the above TV ad and thought that maybe I was hallucinating or that it was someone’s idea of a joke. But no, this NGO is trying to save the Mata Atlantica, which is a belt of wildlife and greenery along the Brazil’s Atlantic coast that has been steadily disappearing over the last few decades due to pollution and cities using the water resources from this area.
The ad is voiced by children positively encouraging everyone, men, women, children, Brazilians, foreigners, lovers, good people (Mahatma Gandhi), bad people (Psycho killers), King Kong and even aliens from outer space to pee while showering. The ad points out that an average toilet flush uses 12 liters of potable water, which equals 4,380 liters of water in a year.
I’ve secretly loved the idea of peeing in the shower. Who has time to dry off and run to the toilet to pee when in the middle of taking a bath? Just pee away in the shower and it all gets washed down the drain by the water from you shower. An infectologist on Globo’s Jornal Nacional last May said that health-wise there was no danger from peeing in the shower.
So, pee away in the shower. You’ll not only be saving a precious thing, water, but you’ll be making your life easier too!

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