09 Dec, Thursday
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SABB Responds

SABB’s Tahlia Street branch in Jeddah


A SERIES of repeated missed calls from a Riyadh number on Wednesday told me that the Saudi British Bank had read my previous post about their horrible service and were calling to make amends.

When I finally managed to answer my phone, the head of their retail customer research unit asked me about my problem and then said he would get back to me later in the day. He did call me back, and when he did he said that my clearance letter was ready and said he would fax me a copy of it.

“I’m extremely sorry for the troubles you have had with us from the beginning. We value your business and hope that you will continue your relationship with us,” he said.

As a friend quipped when I told her this, “They should have been nice from the beginning. It’s too late now.”

Comments (3)

  • Ahmed

    Your bank reads your blog? That’s interesting 🙂

  • Rasheed's World

    Yes they do! My clearance letter is finally in Jeddah!

  • rodel

    SABB call center is crap, I inquired how to get a new account and the requirements but they hang up on me. I had existing account with SAMBA and the call center guys are quite OK. I thought I’d get wold class service since its SABB but as a customer, first impression lasts so I’d rather stick to something with proven record.

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