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A Blogging Colloquium on Iraq

STARTING from tomorrow, December 15, until December 20, I will be participating in an online blogging colloquium on Iraq that is the brainchild of American blogger Dave Schuler who blogs at The Glittering Eye.

Appalled at the poor level of analysis of the mess in Iraq, both in blogs and in the press in general, Dave has gathered an impressive group of writers to comment on which new directions the US should take in Iraq and the regional implications for neighboring countries. My fellow blogger John Burgess, a former US diplomat who served in Saudi Arabia among other places, and who blogs at Crossroads Arabia, will be joining us in looking at Iraq with fresh eyes and perspectives.

Also participating are Michael Cook, a professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University; James Hamilton, a professor of economics at the University of California, San Diego, who specializes in oil economics, and Shivaji Sondhi, a professor of physics at Princeton University.

To read Dave’s announcement of this colloquium on his blog, click here.

I will post my first comment here on my blog tomorrow, and will be linking to Dave’s blog every day so that you can read what other participants have to say.

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  • UAE Students

    That looks like a very interesting event! I’ll watch for your posts.
    If you’re ever in the United Arab Emirates some journalism students at The American University of Sharjah would be delighted to hear about your work and ask you some questions!

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