05 Dec, Sunday
22° C

Leaving Abu Dhabi

I’m leaving Abu Dhabi and my job at The National effective Dec. 1 to return to Brazil to be with my parents. My father is quite ill with heart and kidney problems, and at 81 years of age I’m not sure how much longer he will be with us.

I went home a few weeks ago to be with him after he suffered a heart attack, and spent most of my time with him in hospital. He only made it home for the last few days that I was there, so it was nice to see him at home again and comfortable.

He’s now back in hospital after suffering more chest pains, and is now on a respirator.

I’m running around arranging my departure and that of my dog Nog-Nog, who is coming with me to Brazil. The movers are coming on Wednesday, and I’m selling my car today. It’s all quite stressful and expensive! I think everyone who lives in the UAE ends up with massive credit card debt, especially with banks so eager to hand out cards and keep raising one’s credit limits.

People keep asking me if I’ll be coming back, but with soaring living costs here in the UAE, I really don’t see myself coming back anytime soon…but as they say, ‘never say never.’