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Questions faced by new Bolsonaro government

I participated in the Newsmakers program of TRT International on January 3, 2019, concerning the challenges facing the new government of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

I said that the election of right-wing Bolsonaro in October 2018 was a popular reaction against the massive corruption scandals of the Mensalao and Car Wash that occurred under Worker Party governments.

I also explained that Bolsonaro’s intention to move the Brazilian embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was a mistake as it jeopardized the more than US$6 billion in annual exports of Brazilian meat to the Arab World. I pointed out that Saudi Arabia alone is the largest importer of Brazilian chicken in the world, and that the growing strength of the evangelical Christian movement in Brazil was behind the idea of moving the embassy.

Watch the program here: https://www.trtworld.com/video/the-newsmakers/bolsonaros-brazil-hat-trick-for-bangladeshs-hasina-madagascar-election-protests/5c2e4cf0ee5fd32a74cabb52